Percell Tree & Crane

Tree Removal

Percell Tree & Crane Service was established, December 2009 and is owned by Michael Percell, who is known to be resilient in his effort to provide exceptional customer service at an affordable price. Tree services can be expensive because of the time, tools and machinery involved. The Percell Team is professional and will first consult with the client on their needs to provide the best pricing based on labor or necessary equipment. Serving all of the Kentuckiana area, Percell Tree & Crane offers a wide variety of services: Landscaping, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding & Removal, Snow Removal, Pressure Washing, Leaf Removal, Gutter Cleaning & Firewood. Percell Tree & Crane is the only black-owned state DBE tree company in Louisville, KY.
Owner Michael Percell was born and raised in the South end of Louisville, KY. There weren’t many people on the south side that looked like Michael, so he would frequently visit the West end of Louisville to get closer to his people and culture. It was there, in the West End, where life for Michael would transition and he would become the most prominent, licensed, black owner of a Tree & Crane business.
In his early life, Michael made some choices that led him to serving time in Prison. While in prison, Michael was offered the opportunity to get college credits from Campbellsville University, in Sociology. That experience re-enforced how important education was for his success. He came out of prison and transitioned to a halfway house where he experienced the worst job he’s ever had. He did what he had to do to get him out of the halfway house and those jobs, but it pushed him to look for work that was more meaningful and that he enjoyed.
Michael finally landed a job that he loved with “John Cuby Ground Groomers Tree & Lawn Landscaping”. This job gave Michael the opportunity to be outside and work in nature (which he realized he loved). He also had the opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and learn how to work the heavy machinery involved with this line of work. Michael’s journey to enjoying his work landed him with a position at HNS. Michael found his purpose while working at HNS, so much so that when the owners of the company split, they offered to sell the business to Michael due to his work ethic and knowledge of the business.  Michael bought the business and change the name, birthing what we now know as Percell Tree & Crane Service.
Michael has been intentional about making his services more available for the disenfranchised West End and he willingly provides jobs to men who have served time in prison and are looking for a second chance at obtaining a better quality of life. He is committed to educating clients to the benefits of his services as it helps to keep the neighborhoods beautiful and safe.